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    The service runs 365 days a year
    from 6.00am to midnight.

    Prices and subscriptions


    The usage fee will be charged to the user’s payment card at the end of the subscription, when the amount of 95 euros will be reached or within 10 days of the last trip not charged.

    The maximum time limit on use of the bicycle is 2 hours. In the event of this limit being exceeded a penalty and additional rates will be imposed:
    4€ / 60 minutes for electric bike
    2€ / 60 minutes for traditional bike

    Subscriptions for companies

    Sei un'azienda o hai una partita IVA? Acquista gli abbonamenti per i tuoi dipendenti sull'area business di Verona Bike. Ti basterà inserire i dati aziendali, registrarti e aggiungere la carta di credito.

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